Sound proofing

There’s a lot more to sound proofing a home or office than simply fitting “triple glazing” (which typically isn’t as good anyway and as a statement would be considered mis-selling)

First there’s the glass, which being very rigid is extremely good at transmitting sound so most importantly we need to have different thicknesses of glass to block out a wider spectrum of sound waves, this is the entry level “Asymmetric” glazing.

After that we can start being a bit more active and add an energy absorbing interlayer, either a simple thin layer of basically plastic laminated between layers of glass or by using a dedicated sound absorbing laminate layer.

But all the fancy glass in the world won’t help if the frames are leaking air or rigidly fixed into the building and this is where the installation and attention to detail pays off. All gaskets have to be perfect and sashes have to be clamped just right while the frame has to be allowed enough room for a full depth sound deadening foam to be injected or ideally a form fitting foam strip such as Illbruck Trio is used to isolate the frame from the building.

When sound is your enemy, you need experts, not just good products

Asymmetric sound control glass installation in town centre apartment

Asymmetric sound control glass installation in town centre apartment


Secondary glazing ??

Remember when secondary glazing was some kind of hideous plastic curse?
Well it’s come quite a way since then….
Custom, made to measure secondary glazing solutions with colour matched slimline aluminium frames with energy saving glass, sound proof glass and even security glass.
(secondary glazing is actually one of the best measures you can take when trying to block out sound)
available in fixed, hinged, sliding and even counter balanced its an ideal solution for town center 1st floor offices, listed buildings and even as a stop gap measure during long term refurbishment projects.

Reducing draughts / drafts is one of the main energy saving improvements you can make to any home, you not only save energy but also “feel” warmer without increasing the actual temperature which is why we only fit quality secondary glazing by Incarnation. All of our secondary glazing is brush strip sealed, not plastic.

Modern secondary glazing solution for energy saving and sound proofing

Modern secondary glazing solution for energy saving and sound proofing

Domestic violence and burglary

Did you know that we have a domestic violence and burglary policy? If you have a crime number or if we’ve been referred to you by the police then we will supply and fit new locks, supplementary locking devices, window and door restrictors and even laminated security glass, all at cost price. We can’t make it un happen, but we can help you feel safer in your own home.