Timber windows

Proud to still be fitting timber windows we consider it part of our heritage, not a by-product of our industry.

Soft wood, hard wood, mahogany, oak, engineered timber and accoya, not only that but we have two ranges. The first is the perfectly respectable factory produced, machine built range and the second the craftsman range which is exactly what it sounds like, hand made by British craftsmen (which is only about 20% more expensive)

All of our timber windows are supplied pre-finished with a professional spray applied microporous paint that should last in excess of 5 years without re-painting and even then just some minor touching up. Painted of course means our trademark option of over 300 plus colours including F&B with differing colours on the interior to the exterior and even different colours on different windows or different colours on different parts of the same window…. It sounds obvious but not everybody offers it.

Fitted using either traditional methods or modern installation tapes by Illbruck you can be sure of the best of both worlds.


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