Casement windows

A casement window is the fancy term for the typical side/top hung opening window we’re all so familiar with, basically any hinged window, if it isn’t hinged then it’s called a light and if it looks like it should open but doesn’t then it’s a dummy casement, frequently found on older Georgian and some Victorian properties.

There’s not a lot else to say about the casement window on it’s own, it’s a window with hinges. The important part for you, the customer is going to be the style and material it’s made from and as usual we give you lots of options!

Listed building casements, almost always in timber though it does depend on the listing itself. A listed frontage obviously doesn’t preclude aluminium or even composite windows in the side or rear of the building. Available in single glazing, period style beading and putty fixing and either pre-finished with spray applied micro-porous paints or primed and base coated for finishing on site if traditional linseed oil paint is preferred. Obviously, with bespoke timber windows for listed buildings there is no “can’t do it” if the conservation officer demands it then consider it done, including burnt sand mastic installation in local colours.

Renovation casements, available in practically every material from softwood to hardwood timber, Mahogany and oak and even modern engineered timber such as Accoya. Composites of PVCu, aluminium and timber / aluminium, plain and foiled PVCu and even metal windows from steel and aluminium (yes they still make steel windows, classic and modern) with lots of profiles, historic, classic and contemporary available.

New build casements, again available in just about every design, profile and material. All CE approved and WER rated. Trade enquiries welcome for either supply only or supply and fit. Why not benefit from our buying power on your next new build?

Contemporary casements, Seen it on Grand Designs? Speak to a company happy to fit the unusual to your standards and requirements using modern methods and materials (we hold a great deal of the Illbruck range and make regular orders for any specials required)

If you haven’t found the answer here or on our dedicated window material pages then please feel free to contact us, phone calls, emails and quotations are all free and without obligation or hard sell.


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