Flush sash windows

Example of flush sash window

Flush sash composite window in woodgrain effect from Residence 9

The flush sash window occupied such a characteristic period that is deserves its own page.

Pre-dating the later storm sash window with sashes that overlap the frame, the flush sash window has a characteristic look that nothing else can replicate. As usual, we only supply the best, most authentic and highest quality brands. In this case we offer two distinct ranges, first the composite PVCu Residence 9 window from Eclectic systems and the second being our traditional timber range, in softwood, hardwood, Oak and Accoya. The Residence 9 PVCu range was designed from the ground up to be compliant with Article 4 council planning guidelines, compatible with 44mm triple glazing and to have a 100mm frame depth that closely matches the traditional 4″ frames allowing less “making good” of the building decoration after fitting it also uses traditional joinery style mechanical joints.

Available in 13 outside colours and 11 internal colours with a good mixture of both and even the ability to have mixed frame and sash colours so typical of the Victorian era from stock, plus of course our colour matching service allowing any colour, including F&B to be applied with a 10 year guarantee (the same way they paint automotive bumpers)

If you’re worried about details, then Georgian bars in all the typical patterns such as four over sixes to eights over eights are possible with the authentic looking bars, the typical external weather bars and even the ribbed corners are all available from stock and cut by craftsmen to replicate any window design, for a matching look we can also have glazed doors made in this profile or our range of heavy, solid timber core composite doors from Solidor can be framed in classic, mechanically jointed R9 profile and before you ask, yes we can supply curved, bent and angled windows to suit!


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