Integral / integrated blinds

Integral blinds?  Blinds are great, except for cleaning the dust off them, the noise as they fly about in the slightest wind or when the cat decides to chase that annoying fly or heaven forbid the worry of a child having an accident with them. What if those troublesome Venetian style blinds were actually INSIDE the glass?

That’s right. A colour coded Venetian style blind actually built into the double glazing (or triple glazing). Now that’s what you call a premier solution to window and door blinds. They tilt to block out the sun to prevent glare or heat build up and they tilt to give you privacy. You want them out of the way? That’s easy too. Move a slider a couple of inches and up it goes, out of the way for an uninterupted view again. Non of this tedious winding of silly wands or pulling on strings, a practically full time job if it’s a conservatory.

Internal picture of conservatory showing integral / integrated blinds within the windows

Installers of genuine Integral blinds ltd blinds

These blinds are independent of your window frames, they can be retrofitted as complete double glazed or triple glazed units into your existing window or door frames to upgrade them. Of course it’s ideal to fit them from the start, so when you choose new windows, doors or a conservatory you can always ask for integrated blinds too. Built in the highest specification of Saint Gobain glass (the same as we use in all our installations) these blinds are custom built to your bespoke window requirements, be that colours, fire proof glass or even motorisation.

So whether you want a retrofit to your existing windows or doors or a new premier brand installation then feel free to call us on 01691 658201 for a free, no obligation quote.


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