uPVC double and triple glazing

If you’re looking for double glazing salesmen in shiny suits with amazing offers then i’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong company. We don’t sell anything. We offer you a product and a service which you then decide to buy (or not)

We’re members of Fairtrades an industry association and Trustmark, the government endorsed tradesmen scheme. As such we’re constantly monitored by the BBA (British Board of Ágrement) and Certass the UKAS approved competent person scheme but more than that we’re traditionalists. We believe in doing a job right. That’s why Rehau, one of the original manufacturers of PVCu windows saw fit to make us authorised partners despite not having a showroom or lots of staff. We do things right and Rehau recognised that.

When one window looks very much like another in a showroom how is the customer to know the difference? You quite simply cant, so as with everything we do you can be assured that everything we do is amongst the highest rated, and best quality available. What we don’t do is cheap, we frequently do extremely good value but never cheap. From the frames and the glass you do see to the insulation and fixings you don’t, we use only the best.

We will typically use Rehau frames, yes as partners we get a good deal on them but they’re the highest rated frame available. From the quality rating of the PVC, to the wall thickness to the reinforcing. Even the protective transport film is thicker than other brands of window profile….. Our glass is “soft coat” Planitherm or Guardian glass, better performing and with a less obvious colour than hard coat glass from Pilkington (which we also use when we have to match replacement windows) Our sealants and insulating foams are from Soudal, Dow Corning and Illbruck, all the best in their fields, all approved window systems and all tested above and beyond current standards, even our fixings are Wurth, SKS or Timco. You simply won’t find a budget or no name brand on one of our jobs.

Put very simply, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Our quotes are free, free from pressure, free from cost and free from obligation. Compare a genuine company today.


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